Monday, December 29, 2008

A Lil Whimsy

I had a few days this weekend to play in my studio rather than fight the snow.I had a bag of old wooden spools laying around that Ive been wanting to play with. I was really out of my comfort zone but decided to do something whimsical. These pieces took me a whole day!! Yes an entire day. The first one is a Valentines theme titled Be Mine(Original name huh?) The second is Wish upon a star. Hope you like them. Today I worked on not Valentines (Your not going to believe this but) Halloween !! Yes Halloween. Didn't I just put all that Say? LOL. I swear the challenges keep getting closer every year. Pretty soon I'll be creating pieces a whole year ahead.
Happy Stamping !!


Carla said...

These are gorgeous! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! The star one is my fave, it's just wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

I love your little whimsy pieces,
I still don't know where the heck you got your imagination but I would really like to have some.

Inka said...

So magical and enchanting! And it was so much fun to see them in person!

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