Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tips on Getting Published

I've had several blog friends email me with questions on how to get published.
So with that being said I thought I'd let you in on some of what I've learned along the way.

Most information can be found on the websites of the different magazines you'd like to try out for.
The Norm.
Include your name, address, phones #, email address. Name of art piece,
Information on your technique and credits of what you used. If you'd like your art returned make sure you send a check for return postage and mark your card information "return requested."

Heres a few more tips you might not know about.

First find out about up coming challenges or calls for entry. You'll have a better chance of being published if its something they will be featuring in a coming issue.
This information can generally be found online or in past issues.

TIP... If your trying out for a publication that has its own line of stamps or products use them  and make sure you list it in your credits. It helps promote their business as well. Always a +

TIP....Many companies will offer incentives for using their products. ie. free stamps, collage images, even cash. Check with the companies before you submit and be sure to include the information in your credits. You will then have to contact the company and give them the magazine issue your published in, page # ,sometimes they also what to see a photo. You will have a limited time to contact the company so be sure to stay on top of it If your wanting any freebies!  You will also get a free issue of the magazine your piece was published in.

TIP.... If your submitting a new technique or something you've never seen done before you may want to take quality photos and notes along the way. If your called on to do a feature it will help so much. Its amazing how much you can forget six months down the line. Also you don't want to have to re-create the entire piece if you don't have to. It pay's to be prepared and I mean that in other ways.
You get paid for features!!!!
If your piece was inspired by a magazine issue or another artists work be sure and credit that artist.
Its the right thing to do!

TIP .. If your into just rubber stamping try looking into other magazines. Stampington has many magazines that will also feature cards for other issues that go along with a new challenge theme.

Be patient. Magazines work many months in advance. They can hold your art for quite awhile. They say up to a year but I've had pieces published that I sent in three years earlier. Granted these were pieces I didn't want returned.
Submit offten. They get thousands of entries and you never know what they are looking for at any given time. Styles and colors change all the time so keep submitting.
I hope you have found this information helpful. Go on and try out you have nothing to lose and the rewards of seeing your art in print makes it all worth it.
Do let me know if your published I'd love to hear of your accomplishments!

Heres a couple new magazines I've just had my art published in.
Stampers Sampler published two of my pieces
 I have an extra issue.
So if you leave a comment at the end of the post
I'll put your name in the hat to be given away in 1 week.

This never seen before card was made for the cork challenge.
I used stamps from Oxford Impressions
London Telegraph and Dress Forms and Corsetry

This Farm Fresh card also uses stamps from

A happy surprize to be published in Just Cards.
I had forgot I sent anything in!

Bingo the Clown.
Stamps by Artistic Outpost

And Mona Lisa art by

Now if anyone knows how to change the size's  in Photo bucket.
They changed how they do it!
I have several pieces that need to be added.
Any help would be appreciated!

Don't forget to sign up for the free magazine giveaway!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Fairy Story

I started this collage cigar box about a month ago
and just finished it yesterday
I'm linking this to Simon Says Challenge
 where its Anything but a card this week.

A Fairy Story ,vintage silk flowers and lace,
A lace made ribbon rose, Vintage velvet leaves

The sides are collaged with beautiful papers and lace appliques

A hand cast frozen Charlotte doll with skeleton leaf wings

A fabric transfer image  is from Graphics Fairy.
I plan on filling this beautiful collaged cigar box
to the brim with vintage laces, trinkets, jewels
and more soon available in my Etsy shop.
First come :0)

filled and just posted in my Etsy store!!
Sold- ThankYou Mary

Friday, June 22, 2012

Faux Friday- Life's A Beach

I don't know where the time goes. Has it really been a week since I posted?
What happened to the saying "Summertime and the living is easy?"

Here's one of the murals I painted one day last week.
It was for a young girl.
A beach scene with a cabana over her closet door

Palm trees overlooking the ocean. Waves rolling along the sand.
A beach chair for relaxing...sure wish I was sitting there  right now.
 Hope you take some time to relax this summer, at a beach
or maybe do some camping. In any case enjoy your summer
and thanks for stopping by.
I'll be over to visit soon, right now I'm off to paint a barn door!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Rings & Things & my blog candy winner

Sometimes I just hate having to work! it really cuts into my creative time.
But when I do it makes that time just that much more special.
Heres a few more pieces I did with some of my recent finds

My first time at making rings.
Pretty fun really!
Vintage buttons, Ice Resin and a little imagination.
These will be available in my Etsy shop just as soon as I can find some free time.
Anyone have any extra to go around? LOL

Now heres the winner of my blog candy. I used the random # generator

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2012-06-16 02:13:34 UTC

The winner is............. Kikka.
Congrats Kikka.
Please send me your address and I'll get your surprize package out right away.

Thanks for playing my blog friends and I also want to Thank my newest followers.
you make my heart happy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Playing With My New Treasures

Sold -Thank you Glenda.
Also a Thank You to A Suzanne who purchased the Sacred Bracelet

I've had so much fun playing with my new treasures.
Here's just a few things I've made.
This being my very Favorite! Full of vintage jewels and crystals
Don't know if I can part with it!

Love working with vintage jewelry pieces!

Sold- Thank you Patricia
Some of those crystals really came in handy.
This and more now in my Etsy shop.
I've even been making some rings. The Ice Resin is still drying
but I'll be posting those soon.

You still have a few days to enter my Giveaway.
 See the previous post.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm Chicks and a Giveaway

Oh my gosh, We had the best time at Farm Chicks.
See those clouds?
Yep it rained the entire time while we stood in line for almost 3 hours.

Here we are with our umbrellas. So glad we brought them along!
Warning... This post is heavy in pictures.

Was it worth it? You bet!
Check out this gorgeous booth!

A dress form covered in sea shells

Awesome displays

Love the planter at the top. it has 3 silver platters at the back

Gorgeous statuary

Even the kitchen sink!
a darling display

These two gals Shar and Amy looked so cute in their American Country attire.
Loved their country aprons and cowgirl hats.

the Cutest display for their store at American Country

Shabby Chic was everywhere

Mindi loved the little denim jacket

The cute vintage bras and crinoline's with a sign that read.
Thanks for your support..Were holding up just fine!

the gals shopping

Mindi's find of the day! A gorgeous bracelet

Debbie's find of the day. A dress form from the 1900's.
She named her Steel Magnolia.
Are you drooling yet? LOL

My find of the day.
Whats in the bag?

a huge pile of crystals. Yum yum!

I snagged some cool metal findings.

Ever see a lightbulb this big?
I'll find a Steampunk use for this one.

A found a wire basket for my spools of vintage lace and a
gorgeous round crocheted
tablecloth to make my hand dyed skirt.

Bed springs...I know kinda funny but they look awesome
on wine bottles with charms or as a vase for flowers.
 Also fonud some darling rusty fencing for a Halloween project.
and lots more goodies but this is getting a bit long so.....

All in all we came home with a car load full,
 tired feet and a pretty good hole in all our wallets.

I'll be doing a giveaway with some of what I found at Farm Chicks
 and a few more goodies from my stash.
Just leave a comment. I'll use a random # generator to pick a winner on June 14th.
Please make sure I have a way to contact you!

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