Sunday, November 5, 2017

Christmas crafting

 For those of you who are not on Facebook. 
I wanted to share the things I have been working on so far.
I decided to do themes this year. The first picture is all about lanterns.
These use vintage Kitchen utensils  Perfect for those who like Farm house style.

 More Vintage kitchen. tins from 1933 and 1950
These are not reproduction ornament boxes. They are from the 50"s
made into mini Diorama's with vintage toys inside. 

 Some Shabby Chic metal Gazebos and cage.
and a Vintage baby doll dress.
Sorry some of the pieces I'm showing have already sold.
but there is plenty more in my Etsy shop. Link at the side of my blog.
Happy Holidays everyone.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Club House is Finished

Entrance to the Clubhouse 
at Life Church
I started this project over a year and a half ago. 
The clubhouse room got put on hold until we 
could figure out how to do the three walls that have sound boards on them. 

This is right before you enter the clubhouse
This jeep was cut in half and attached to the wall. 
I painted in the rest. 
The kids Love to sit in it and have their picture taken.
This is the first wall you see when you enter the clubhouse. 
Its made to look like your standing inside of a tree with the railings all around.
 I painted the animals to look like they are looking over the railings.
This is the front wall I had to do this on canvas because of the sound boards.
 Did I tell you how big this room is?
28 feet tall by 60 feet wide on the longest walls.
The right side of the room. Desert Vistas 
The back wall done on canvas. 
See the elephant peeking over the back railing!

This picture is a little washed out. 
Some Rhinos and zebras running across the plains.
 A close up of the watering hole with cape buffalo. and hippos.
It feels Great to be done with this job. 
and the best part is the Kids Love it.

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