Tuesday, December 23, 2008

House Love Built -Shrine

So I have made over 200 + Christmas cards. They have been mailed to Family ,friends and customers.I Figured I deserved a little ME time. I headed to the studio last nite and had a chance to play with my new stamps from Oxford Impressions. I can't show you everything. Some are being sent in for possible publication. But I thought I'd share the Shrine I made. I started with a thrift store find wood House ,antiqued it and gave it a crackle finish. Added all the found objects.Stamped the couple from Oxford Impressions Beloved plate. Added the elements that make up a marriage.I especially love the lace I added to the bottom to represent the sometimes fragile foundation of a marriage. Hope you like it !!Try to spend a little time playing yourself.


Brad said...

Shrine or Monument to Love?

In either case - brilliant!
Every home, every couple - should carefully craft one of these to represent the past, present and future of their union...

Again - Brilliant!

Kristy C said...

This is awesome, Lyn!!

Inka said...

I am so glad I got to see this in real life because the picture just doesn’t show how truly wonderful it is!

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