Wednesday, August 29, 2012

White Wednesday-Lavender Sachets

All sold- Thank you Mary

I haven't posted anything on Faded Charms White Wednesday
for quite some time but when I was asked to make more of my
 Lavender sachets for a special order
I thought it would be a perfect time to share them here
These were made with satin fabric and lace,
fabric transfers from my personal collection of Prayer cards.
 vintage buttons and appliques.Strings of pearls or Rosery beads
and filled with lavender fresh from my garden.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halloween Altered Cabinet Card

O.K I just can't stand it anymore!
 I have so many Halloween things to share with you and I just can't wait another minute! LOL.
I know I have no will power!  So here goes. 

This was my first Altered Halloween Cabinet card that I made for a swap I'm in.
The cabinet card came from my dear friend Thespa at Vintiquities Workshop  (Thanks hon!)
added black lace, black velvet ribbon ,feather and twigs.etc.
Hopefully my swap partner will like it.

Lots more spooky treats to come soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tutorial For the Best Molds & Castings Ever

I have tried just about every  type of mold making and casting material over the years
 and this is by FAR the very BEST you'll ever find.The detail is incredible.

Just look at the detail I was able to achieve using these techniques.
The cross on the right is the original on the left is the casting.
same with the vintage metal hinge. The owls on the top are the original.

Making your Molds
Here's what you'll need:
A non stick craft sheet
A old paintbrush - believe me you want a cheap one as it will no
longer be good for anything when your through.
Mold Builder By Castin Craft. (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon.)
 So it was only around $8.00 and this stuff goes a long long way!!
A old cloth or paper towels for cleaning off that brush after each coat.
Some charms, old jewelry or anything you want to cast. metal, wood, glass.
just about anything will work.
If you have a precious keepsake you just can't bare to use
here's the perfect way to re-create them to use over and over.
castin craft sells a special sealer if your worried about damaging any precious items.
I have never used it though and haven't had any trouble with it.

Brush on a thin coat of Mold Builder,
being careful not to get any on the backside.
If you do wipe it off with a paper towel right away.

Set on the craft sheet and let dry

You'll want to do several pieces at one time.

remember to wipe off that brush each time!!!!

You can use a heat tool or hair dryer to speed up the drying process for the first few layers.
 Do not overheat or you'll get bubbles.

For your second coat lay pieces on your craft sheet and paint another coat of the mold builder
making sure you paint an area around the piece about 1/2" .
Don't move piece from now on!! 

Do all your pieces the same way and let dry.
You will need to repeat this process of coating your piece 8 to 10 times.
I know this sounds like a lot but its needed to support your casting.
Let each layer dry between coats.
It will take a couple of days to build up all these coats if left to dry naturally..

When your pieces have been coated and dry.
Peel them away from your original.
They will look like this. A kind of yellowish color.
They are very strong but flexible at the same time.

Making Your Castings
Now your ready to make your castings.
You will need a craft sheet. cheap baby lotion ,
The molds you created and Apoxie Sculpt.

This is a two part Epoxy Resin. A Resin and Hardner. Its super strong
 It can be painted, sanded, drilled, cut, stained ,molded, carved
and its pretty much indestructible.
 I've used it for years when I would make feet for my carved birds of prey.
You can find it online at Epoxy Sculpt or possibly at your local craft store.

You will need to use some baby lotion on your hands.
 This will prevent the Apoxie Sculpt from sticking to your hands and your mold.
Rub a little lotion inside your mold coating it lightly.
It will work as a release but will not weaken or damage the Apoxie Sculpt

Now take one part of equal amounts of the Apoxie Sculpt.
 Guesstimate what you will need to fill your pieces.
Remember this stuff goes a long way! Mix with your fingers until thoroughly mixed

begin to fill you mold with your resin pushing into mold with fingers.
You'll want to make sure you reach every nook and cranny.

Smooth over the back with a little lotion.
Now let it set for a few hours.
It will depend on how big your project is to determine how long it will take to dry.
I usually poke the back with my fingernail. If it dosen't go in its set.
Now peel the mold away from your resin
and your ready to sand edges if needed, paint, stain or finish as desired.
Your new molds can be used over and over again

I hope you found my tutorial helpful.
If so please let me know you stopped by.
If you have any questions feel free to ask

Call your friends and have a mold making party. Its a blast!!
Have Fun!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gypsy ATC's

Yes I caught the Gypsy bug! With all the cool images
out there how could I not get in on the Gypsy ATC swap at VPI.
Hard to tell but this guy is 3-D

and who wouldn't let this beauty read your Fortune?

How about a spin on the Wheel of Fortune,
What does your future hold?

These are just a few I created for the swap.
Got to have something as a surprise!

I've been working like a mad women on Halloween treats.
But I just can't bring myself to say goodbye to summer yet.
Our winters here are much to long so your going to
have to wait a few more weeks to see my creations.

Enjoy all those lazy hazy dog days of summer!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Have A New Badge

I have a New Blog Badge!!!
Thanks to the very talented and gracious Laura Carson at Artfully Musing
Laura custom designed this badge just for me!
and I couldn't be happier. Isn't it beautiful!!!
Please feel free to share my badge on your sidebar if your so inclined.

Now I'm off to do some catching up with all my blog friends!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Little Chunky ATC

If you have never tried making a Chunky ATC I highly recommend it.
 They are so much fun!
This one was created for a swap and she has already received it
so now I can share it with you all now.
The little frozen Charlotte is one I made from a cast I created
I'll be doing a tutorial for you very soon.
So keep watching!

You can get an entire box of wood blanks by simply cutting up a 2x4 .
The actual measurements are 3 1/2" so it works out perfectly.
You can even have the lumber yard cut them for you.
 Many times for free. Just have them cut them at  2 1/2"
Then your ready to paint,stain,collage and decorate till your hearts content.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Playing Catch Up

If your like me it seems like summertime just flies by.
So much to do before the snow flies once more.
I've gotten so far behind these past few weeks. So now's my time to show you all the Wonderful things I've been receiving in all those swaps I played in.

I was lucky enough to have Kimberly as my swap partner. She sent me this WAY KEWL Altered Altoids tin. This was her First Steampunk piece. Can you believe it!!! I just adore everything she creates but this takes the cake!!! Love the ride! See more pics on her blog at Art Joy Stuff

Then I played in a swap for Blissful art. We were to make charms from vintage things. Here's the ones I received back. Pretty great charms aren't they!!! Top L to R- Peace Schuyler, Becky Swartzlander,Marsha Mees,Wendy Aspinall,
BottomL to R -Kimberly Laws, and mine.

A few Atc Swaps. This one was for Beware Pirates at VPI.
The talent in this group just blows me away.
Top L to R.-Kris Dickinson,Liz DeWitt,Wendy Aspinall.
Bottom L to R.- Laura Carson, Connie Koutsourelis, April Dudko.
 Love them all !!!

Way back when I shared the ATC's I made for the
VPI group for the Corsets/ Dress Forms swap.
 Here's the darlings I received back from these talented gals.
Top L to R- Kris Dickinson, Michelle Carrier,Terri Daugherty.
Bottom L to R.-Sandy Scholz,Martina Fuchs,Candy Colwell.

and From The Altered Domino book .
Wendy created this wonderful Steampunk Domino book.
You can see more of Wendy's art here at Bliss Angels

These weren't for a swap but a couple pieces I made for some dear Blog friends for their Birthday.
They weren't quite finished in this photo. I went back and added a little text.
Hope it made their day just a bit more special.

If you get a chance check out these amazing artists blogs. Well worth the visit!
Hope your all enjoying your summer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Somerset Gallery Published

What a lovely surprise to find the Somerset Gallery in my mailbox!
and perfect timing with Halloween just around the corner!

They published my "A Haunting we Will Go" altered book.
rubber stamp images from Artistic Outpost
Collage image from Alpha Stamps

 Available in my Etsy Shop

My custom cut glass soldered Coffin pendants. There two sided too!
Collage images by Alpha Stamps
also the darling Halloween charms come from Alpha Stamps

Hope this provides a little Halloween inspiration

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