Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm Back and with a Video

Hey Bloggers,
I know I've been away a very long time but I recently purchased a Go Pro camera and decided to try it out. I've been so busy this summer. Did a Huge job for Life Church and wanted to share it with you all. So this will be my test run to see if it even loads. Nope but you can find it here.
Wildlife Art by Lynn
Would Love some Feedback


bobbie said...

Holy Schnitzels, girl!!! I know you said the project was a big one ~ but WOW!!!

I especially liked the Giraffes, the Ostrich on the right, and the Manta Ray... No Seahorses??? ;)

You, as usual, rock, my friend ~

Hugs ~

Krisha said...

What a jaw dropping project Lynn! Every single wall is amazing!!! How blessed this facility was to have you take on this project. I would LOVE to see this in person.
Thanks for sharing it, and welcome back to Blogland.

misteejay said...

Lovely to have you back in Blogland. This wasn't a big project - it was HUGE!!!
What fabulous art work. I loved the dolphins. The baby elephant sitting in the water is adorable.
Thank you for taking us on a look around - it is amazing.
Toni xx

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Hey Lynn! I just posted on my blog for the first time since the beginning of summer. Wanted to come over an see what you've been up to - what an awesome group of murals!!!! You do such amazing work in everything from painting to stamping!!! :)

Miss Iowa said...

Wow! You did that all by yourself? What a huge accomplishment. I especially like your baby giraffe

Kris Turner said...

Lynn, thanks so much for sharing this awesome video. I can only imagine all the smiles on the kids' faces each time they walk in. Love all the murals, but Jonah in the whale is a great addition! God has definitely blessed you with an amazing talent and your work inspires all of us! Thanks much!

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