Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fall is almost Here ,Owls and Acorns

Owls and Acorns
This has been the most difficult year for our family.
What do you do when almost all hope is gone? 
Well I decided to pull out some fall decor and try 
and bring a little happiness to our home.
Its a nice change. Here's praying for a Better tomorrow.


bobbie said...

For me, it is still too warm to even start thinking of fall decor!!

Know I'm keeping you all in my heart and thoughts ~

I hope to see you in a week

Hugs ~

Diane said...

I think of you and pray daily. Don't think people have forgotten. It is joyful to create (if you can). God bless you and your husband and family. ((((hugs))))) Diane

Amy B said...

Lynn, Somehow I missed the jist of your July 4 entry, but I am very sorry to hear that your husband is ill. You commented on my Instagram when I posted that my husband passed away in July which was kind. It is a very strange time of life for me right now, and it sounds like it is for you too. I only "know" you through your blog and swaps, but I can tell that you must be a woman of hope. Please grieve for whatever is going on but don't dispair completely. I pray that God comforts and keeps you and yours, and I hope that your son's family was able to successfully relocate near you. Thinking of you, Amy Bauer

Dorothy Donna Parker said...

I haven't been here for so long, you probably don't remember who I am. A black cloud has also knocked upon my door. Consequently I am back in Canada with a long illness. I'm so very sorry to hear of your deep sadness. Please know I am holding you in my consciousness - sending love and healing your way at the deepest level. I often thank the Universe for the gift of creativity - it can save us from so much. The piece you have done is exquisite, as always. May your days slowly return to some sort of happiness and may you find it in the most unexpected places.

misteejay said...

The weather here in the UK has certainly turned chilly and there is an Autumnal feel to things.
I am thinking of you and you & yours are in my prayers.
Toni xx

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