Friday, February 4, 2011

Faux Friday- T-Mobile

Hi folks another faux Friday here. This week I am sharing some work from one of my commercial accounts. I do alot of work for T-Mobile. There main call center is in Meridain ID, Not many get to see the inside, I hope you enjoy the Old West town, I created.
Its set up like a street and since we are in Idaho the old west seemed to fit!
Heres the log cabin. They even put a wreath on the door at Christmas and
have two rocking chairs out front for employees who need some down time.

The Cyber Saloon, Theres computer stations for the employees in front of the Saloon.

Had to add the dog and Wanted poster! And the buzzard on the post!

They post information on the Career board, Check out those cowboys chaps! LOL

Theres a wagon in there somewhere, some of my pictures are a little dark, sorry!

Gotta have a hitchin post for the horse!

and A Livery stable! Theres even a mouse hidden in there somewhere for the kitty!

the old mercantile!

The sheriff and a local saloon gal!

An old wagon wheel and barn wood building. Theres a water trough further down, again no picture!

The Cougar is their mascot and the first thing I ever did for T-Mobile.

An outdoor area with deer and a stream, its a long wall with lots more,just don't have pictures.

They even have a jail, I also did a Out house but don't have pictures of that either.
I'm so bad about bringing a camera with me!

I've done lots more, but that's for another day. The big wigs come down all the time and Love what I've done ,Theres even talk about sending me to Florida to do the head office.
We'll see!


Hearts Turned said...

Oh, WOW, Lynn! You're just one amazing woman, my friend! LOVE your beautiful work--they obviously do, too! there any medium you can't tackle?!?!?!

So glad you shared this today! Wishing you a warm & cozy day...


Robin said...

Just amazing Lynn! All of it is stunning work, but I especially love your outdoor scene. It looks so real....I guess that's the point, right! My fingers are crossed you get a chance to do their HQ.


Monica said...

You made it a fun place to work and visit. You images for such a hi tech world are perfect.

JeanFB said...

Wow Lynn! So beautiful, such a huge amount of work..... hope you get to go to Florida!!!

Patti J said...

GASP! You are amazing! Wowzers! Can't wait to see more photos! I can't imagine them NOT wanting you to do the head office! Hugs!

Linda said...

Very cool Lynn! Your talents are awesome!

Jo said...

oh my gosh Lynn ... what a fabulous work environment you have created ... It really makes for a happier work space! ... and the art is so wonderful! Very Very cool my friend!

Kathy Eddy said...

This is fantastic. What a fun atmosphere for the employees.

Unknown said...

WOW!!! You are amazing. I Loooove this. I wish you would rub half your talent off on me!!

Happy Friday my friend..

Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Wow, your work is super impressive. These sceneries would should brighten a work area!

PetraB said...

I am not surprised that they want your art. It looks fantastic and so real.

Diane said...

You are amazing. What a project! It's really great.

Tracy Evans said...

Just fabulous Lynn, fantastic attention to detail. Love it all. Tracy x

Linda M. Cain said...

What fun!

Zoechaos said...


ImagiMeri said...

Hi Lynn,

Fantastic job, very original and creative.


misteejay said...

Wow Lynn, wish my work place looked as fab...what amazing work.

Toni xx

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Lynn,
OMG, its absolutely fabulous!!!!!!

Did you design the whole thing as well or did the big wigs have input?

You're amazing.
Have a great weekend,

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

Lynn...Beautiful. I can't believe you painted this!!!

Netty said...

Totally brilliant and exciting work to look at Lynn. Thats totally killed my idea that all cowboys eat beans as not a tin in Take care and have fun. Annette x

SewPaperPaint said...

Honestly, sometimes I think you must have a coffee IV attached full time!!! How DO you do it all?! You are my hero! Love the murals, so much fun. I considered doing that for a career at one time, such kindred spirits... How's the children's books gig coming along?

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh this is awesome Lynn!!!! I just got a chuckle out of your bald faced liar award! LOL! Too funny! Love your little house below too!

Lori said...

Wow, wow, wow! This is over the top! Really wonderful work! I assume a Florida office would require a tropical theme? Let me know if you need an assistant to.. ah.. hold your paint or

Michele said...

this is so much fun. you are just way super awesomely talented Lynn! i love your work. xo

Christine said...

Wow, this one must have taken a long time!!! It's amazing and I'll tell you, I wasn't looking at the cowboys chaps!!!

Healing Woman said...

Tell the truth Lynn...there's two of you right? You learned how to clone yourself and that is the way you accomplish so many amazing things. This old town is fabulous. You are on to bigger and better things..I wouldn't be surprised if you got a commission from the White House.

Cheryl...I'm trying to visit each OWOH blog now and it is really tiring.

Unknown said...

Lynn this is amazing! How on earth do you have time for a blog? I have said this a few times on your blog I really mean it "you never cease to amaze me"

love Dawn xx

Susan said...

O MY STARS, LYNN!!! I didn't know your drew and painted, holy cow chips!!!

What a talented gal you are, you just bowl me over. :)

I hope they pay you what you're worth!!
This is just wonderful :)

Carolyn said...

Lynn, I am really happy you are sharing your faux painting with us. You do wonderful projects and I hope T-Mobile invites you to do their home office.

Tess1960 said...

You did all of that?! WOW!! LOved it. What a fun place to be in. You did a great job with this dear lady.

Sarah said...

From blank walls to amazing vistas. If you get to go to FL and need someone to carry your me!
Please add a camera to your "must take" list so we can see it all!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Holy Guacamole!!! You are so very talented and what a cool scene- I want 1/10th of your talent....! I hope you will enjoy Florida!

Darla said...

Amazing work. What fun for the employees.


Halle said...

WOW!! Amazing! Definitely not your cookie cutter workspace!

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